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We have new dog toys! Rommel is very happy about his new ball.

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The dachshunds are barking as much as they can today

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Dogs,dogs,dogs ~ Every place I see and try to walk!

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Digging dogs

It’s Groundhog Day ~ The Dachshunds are trying to see if  ‘Punxsutawney Phil’ Predicts Early Spring [photomosaic]

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A day hunting

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Wake up and walk the dachshunds

The morning wake-up routine has switched from getting dressed and off to school to a good stretch…

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Cooking with Dachshunds

It’s Food Channel meets Animal Planet in a daily culinary adventure I don’t how it is with…

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200 Doxies

“I ordered 200 oxen and they sent me all these.. weinerdogs…” Still my favorite Doxie commercial of…

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Sleeping With Dachshunds

Every night around here is a Three Dog Night I know many of you already know this,…

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A first post: My Dachshunds at Work

My husband took this video a couple of years ago after noticing that he hadn’t heard or…