Happy Birthday!

It’s Mr. Rommel’s 13th birthday today! Wow, how time flies. It seems to me he was only a puppy the other day. Rommel is my very first dachshund and I love him so much. I always wanted a dachshund and I feel lucky to have him live with us. My husband got him for me for our 15th wedding anniversary. I had picked his mane out years before I got him. I’ve been happy with him ever since. I should have known the first day when he came home, what a ball hound he is. Rommel loves to play ball. He will do it for hours if you play with him. Ball is what he likes. If you don’t play with him, he will bark at you until you do. He is always happy to see me and brings me ball. Rommel does sleep with me under my left arm every night. When he is not burrowed under the blankness at my husband’s feet.



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Bloodhound Sneaks Out of Yard to Run Half Marathon and Finishes 7th!http://www.akc.org/news/bloodhound-sneaks-out-of-yard-to-run-half-marathon-and-finishes-7th/

Participants of a half marathon in Alabama were given a run for their money by a dog last week. Just before the Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon began in Elkmont, April Hamlin let her Bloodhound, Ludivine, outside to go to the bathroom, Runners World reported.

Ludivine wandered off the property and joined the runners lined up at the starting point of the race. In spite of some distractions (a dead rabbit, a dog in the cheering area along the course, a field of livestock) along the way, she managed to run the entire 13.1 miles and finished seventh with a time of 1:32:56. She was awarded with a finisher’s medal.

“She’s laid back and friendly, so I can’t believe she ran the whole half marathon because she’s actually really lazy,” Hamlin told Runner’s World, adding that this race is the first in the town and was started by parents whose kids run cross country at the nearby high school to raise funds for the program.

“Because of this dog, they are getting so much publicity, and I think that’s the best part,” she said.