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a woman in a hospital bed with three therapy dachshunds
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Doxie therapy is the best therapy

I wish all my doxies had been in the hospital with me. I would have recovered much…

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Rub time.

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He walks like a South Park character

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The First Official Olympic Mascot Was a Beloved Breed

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Remembering Less Squirrely Times

The number of ground squirrels overrunning The Acre this year is astounding. I don’t know if the…

a dachshund running on grass with a tennis ball in his mouth
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Fun times

How do I keep my Dachshund entertained? Dachshunds need exercise, mental stimulation and fun so we’re going…

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How can you not watch?

Best weiner dog moments of July 202 all compile in one cute video.

dachshund puppies playing
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OMG!!! She’s being attacked by a whole pack of dachshund puppies! I hope she can survive the…

A dachshund holding a McDonalds bag in his mouth
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Food delivery

A dachshund happily delivering food to his humans in need. What gets me most about this video…

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! It’s Mr. Rommel’s 13th birthday today! Wow, how time flies. It seems to me he…