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2903, 2023

The First Official Olympic Mascot Was a Beloved Breed

By |March 29, 2023|Photos|0 Comments

November 21, 2014 National Purebred Dog Day® In 1972, Munich’s Summer Games saw the first ever inclusion of an official Olympic mascot in the form of “Waldi,” a Dachshund selected for attributes described as required for Olympic athletes:  Resistance, tenacity and agility. “Waldi” was based on Cherie von Birkenhof, a real long-haired Dachshund that Munich Games Organizing Committee President, Willi Daume, had given to Félix Lévitan, the International Sports Press Association President in 1970. “Cherie,” was the model for Waldi’s creator, German designer, Otl [...]

1001, 2023

Remembering Less Squirrely Times

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The number of ground squirrels overrunning The Acre this year is astounding. Franzi following the scent of ground squirrel I don’t know if the dry winter let more survive, or if my neighbor’s newly constructed pool drove them out, or if all the good squirrel predators have changed their tastes, but I am literally stumbling over these rodents and their burrows everywhere. I’ve found them wreaking havoc in the vegetable garden, the keyhole garden, and the greenhouse. This morning there [...]

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