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Rub time.

A dachshund holding a McDonalds bag in his mouth
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Food delivery

A dachshund happily delivering food to his humans in need. What gets me most about this video…

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Wiener Dog Movie?

Wiener Dog Nationals 2013 Movie Trailer

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Running of the Wieners – Wiener Dog Race

Have you ever been to a Weiner dog race? I have and they are so much fun…

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Video: This dachshund would make a good cat burgler

Check out this crazy video of a dachshund sneaking out of his yard. I can see the…

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200 Doxies

“I ordered 200 oxen and they sent me all these.. weinerdogs…” Still my favorite Doxie commercial of…

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A first post: My Dachshunds at Work

My husband took this video a couple of years ago after noticing that he hadn’t heard or…