Wake up and walk the dachshunds

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The morning wake-up routine has switched from getting dressed and off to school to a good stretch and going potty outside Every morning the six of us (that’s me and the five dogs) have a routine. It’s actually not that different from a few years ago when it was kids instead of dogs. Back then it was chasing sleepy children out of bed, making lunches, finding shoes, and herding them into the car for school. Now it's chasing sleepy dachshunds out of bed, finding missing slippers, and herding the pack outside to its business. The routine begins with the German Shepherds, Sunna and Noet, engaging in a big dog ultimate-cage-fighting-wrestling-to-the-death match directly in front of me as I try to get out of bed. Once a victor has been declared and I've managed to establish a footing on the floor (I'm not sure how this occurs, I just know the girls suddenly call their match to a halt), I'll turn [...]

A first post: My Dachshunds at Work

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My husband took this video a couple of years ago after noticing that he hadn't heard or seen the doxies in a couple of hours. After wandering the "lower 40" (that's what we call the dry creek area below the orchard) for a few minutes, he finally found the three of them hard at work being Dachshunds. Here's a video of what he saw. (Spoiler alert -- watch until the end.)

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