Sleeping With Dachshunds

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Every night around here is a Three Dog Night I know many of you already know this, but sleeping with dachshunds is no easy task. For such small dogs (assuming you have a mini or tweenie), they sure have a big impact at bedtime. It’s not just that they spend half the night moving around, stomping across your body looking for that perfect spot to burrow and settle down with precisely zero concern for your comfort. It’s once they have settled down and you’re finally able to drift off to sleep, every creak or random noise in the house becomes a reason to set off a full four alarm alert that can take anywhere from 30 seconds to fifteen minutes to call off. Not our best look, but at least we're comfortable Make it three dachshunds and you’ve got a full Chinese fire drill, complete with 120 decibel howling, barking and twelve tiny feet thundering back and forth [...]