Okay, these little puff balls aren’t Doxies, but they’re super cute anyway. Today we got a spring batch of baby chicks in the mail (you can order anything over the Internet these days). They’re 14 future hens to keep the orchard clear of bugs, provide lots of fresh eggs and give the dachshunds plenty to bark at in the summer.

Super Cute 2 day old chicks

PS: On another note, Franzi made the mistake of sticking her nose into a duck’s nest earlier today. I wish I’d had my camera because a dachshund running at full gallop from an angry quacking mama duck is a sight to see. (Fortunately, neither dog nor duck were injured in the confrontation.)

Great news! Obie the obese dachshund has shed something like 30 pounds in his drive (okay, well, his owner’s drive) to get him down to a more manageable 35lbs or so.

Obie has lost more than 30lbs (but he doesn’t look happy about it)

According to the article he’s going to need a big skin tuck to get rid of all that extra space he made to carry the weight of a Labrador in his dachshund body, but then he should be just fine!

The article has pictures that show him eating. I don’t think he was on the same diet as Jared Fogle from those Subway ads.