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Doxie’s in the Snow

How can they be so happy to play in the cold then act like it’s freezing when…

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I love my Dachshunds!

I love my Dachshunds! I’m a very lucky person. I have four dachshunds I get to spend…

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Dachshunds, Every Place You Look!

I was looking around on the web when I can across this web site. It says it…

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Our new friend

So, let me tell you a little bit about our new friend that has joined us. His…

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Golden retriever-dachshund?

Golden retriever-dachshund mix makes us do a double take I saw this new article and I thought…

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A Happy Dachshund Story

Lost Charlottesville dachshund story has happy ending There is nothing more terrifying than discovering that your dachshund…

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4th Dachshund Dash slated July 27 at Expo Starts today!

By Robert Barron, Staff Writer Enid News and Eagle ENID, Okla. — The fourth annual Enid Paws…

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Off to the races again!

4th Dachshund Dash slated July 27 at Expo By Robert Barron, Staff Writer Enid News and Eagle…

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50 Ways you can tell you’re in a Dachshund home

1. Every purse and coat pocket is rifled when you walk through the door. 2. The bed…

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Joyful Paws: Life with a Disabled Dachshund

I found this post and the thought you might like it too. When her little lady dachshund…