1 thought on “Interesting dog article

  1. So, my honest opinion about that article is ‘no duh’. (Rusty however found it intriguing). i laughed at the statement… ‘83% of them immediately looked at their owner and then back at the fan. ‘ i laughed because i thought about the 17% who couldn’t care less how the owner reacted and probably got a gentle lashing from the streamers as they tried to make nice to the fan.

    Oh, i say ‘no duh’ because ~

    A) i have had both ‘baby humans’ and dogs, and am thus qualified to say so. We all take our cues from each other…human, canine, feline, etceterine etceterine etceterine… and

    B) As being said owner of baby humans and canines alike, i don’t need to put an interesting object in a room to test the age old expression ‘if you’re okay, i’m okay’…

    okay? 😉

    and since no one else has commented here, i feel it’s safe to say Thank you, Terri, for giving me a chance to get a pre-menstrual mini rant out of my system…i swear to buddah i get slightly philosophical every month and feel the need to get my rant on… 😉 this was the perfect podium for me. Have a great week! ~ Maiz

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