A Happy Dachshund Story

Lost Charlottesville dachshund story has happy ending

There is nothing more terrifying than discovering that your dachshund has escaped and is running loose. That was the experience of a local Charlottesville family recently, when Shorty, a longhaired black and tan doxie, about a year old, got loose.

The family was frantic, especially the three-year-old son, who loves his four-footed buddy. Fortunately, they thought to contact the local Craigslist, a centralized network of online communities that includes a lost and found section: charlottesville craigslist> community > lost & found

Thanks to Craigslist, the story had a happy ending, with Shorty returning home within 24 hours. Although Shorty’s story had a happy ending, some dogs and families are not so lucky. In honor of National Pet Month, here are some things that you can do to protect your doxie and ensure her safety. First, keep a close eye on her, making sure that she is in a secure area: don’t leave doors or gates open where she could dash out unnoticed. Latch the gate and secure the door.

Make sure that she has a distinctive collar; some people think that all dachshunds look alike, but if yours has, for example, a bright pink collar with a green alligator on it, she will stand out. Make sure that she wears that distinctive collar every time she is out so that people come to recognize her.

Attach sturdy plastic tags that clearly identify you, and check them regularly to ensure that they have not faded or cracked. Do not use metal tags, as they can rust. Be sure that your contact information on the tag is current otherwise it is useless. Also include the microchip or tattoo ID# on the tag (see below); it is yet one more item in your arsenal. Be especially watchful when moving; it is a time when dogs can easily get loose and are harder to track down because of the change of address.

In addition to the collar and tag, have your doxie tattooed. It is a permanent form of identification and provides added protection since federal law prohibits laboratories from using tattooed dogs. Be sure to register the tattoo number, keeping the contact information current.

Finally, have your dachshund micro chipped. It is an easy and painless way to identify your most important family member. Like tattooing, registering the information and keeping it current is key. Although there is no guarantee that your doxie will never get loose, taking these steps will increase your chances of having a happy ending if she does.


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About the Author: Terri Osterfeld

I'm a certifiable dachshund fanatic and lover of anything that involves doxies. I have four -- Rommel, Franzi, Montgomery and Hank -- plus two German Shepherds, Noet and Sunna, who think they're dachshunds.

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