Our new friend


So, let me tell you a little bit about our new friend that has joined us.

His name is Alexander, who originally came from off the streets, into the shelter and then, into my home. He arrived at the shelter by someone who thought he was a possum and ran him over. That is when he realized that he wasn’t a possum but a dachshund! But don’t worry, he was curled in a ball in the road and so had just went under the carriage of the car. The driver then stopped picked him up and took him to the shelter, where is where I work. I watched and waited as potential adopters came in and one after another had looked at him for he cute and quite disposition. Though, since he was really quite, he was quiet scared and so one after another people left without taking him. After two weeks of him being there, I finally adopted him and took him home with me where he made friends with the other dachshunds. After first, he was really quite, and avoiding some of the dogs. Now he barks and thinks he is a fierce land shark. 🙂 Alexander, surviving being ran over three time, being in a shelter for a couple weeks and coming into a new home with other dogs he didn’t know. That is his story.

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