How Dachshunds Customize Their Beds

A dachshund puppy lying in an upside down dog bed

Franzi enjoying her “customized” dog bed

I’m filing this one under “only a dachshund owner will get it.”

“It” being that dachshunds love to burrow, so if that soft, new dog bed isn’t setup for burrowing into, then your doxie is going to “customize” it so that it can be.

At first I was a little upset that instead of testing this new dog bed “as is”, Franzi insisted on flipping it over and tearing the foam out of the bottom.

I was ready to write the disemboweled bed off, but Franzi proved me wrong. Instead of abandoning it for other things to destroy, she climbed in dug around and made herself comfortable.

And it wasn’t a one-off thing either. Even though there are plenty of nice places to take a nap around the house, the dachshunds regularly battled for the right to snuggle down and relax in this de-stuffed burrow.

I even found Franzi and Montgomery dug in and curled up together in this bed on more than one occasion.

Now, years later, I only invest in “burrow ready” beds and blankets for the doxies, but I’m never surprised when they decide to “improve” on the design with a little tooth and paw work of their own!

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About the Author: Terri Osterfeld

I'm a certifiable dachshund fanatic and lover of anything that involves doxies. I have five — Rommel, Franzi, Montgomery, Hank, and Hercules — plus two German Shepherds, Noet and Sunna, who think they're dachshunds.
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