Vote Dachshund 2024 T-Shirts & Gear – Show Your Support

A t-shirt with the words

Make the smart choice and stand up for the little dog! Vote Dachshund in the 2024 election!

There’s no debate about it – smart voters are voting Dachshund in 2024!

Those old donkey and elephant parties don’t care about the truly important issues. Real issues affecting weinerdogs every day, like running in the park, burrowing under blankets, and dog treat shrinkflation.

The Doxie Party cares!

Stand up for the little dog (and their people) and show you’re a proud supporter with an ultrasoft t-shirt equally suitable for a well-dressed day about town and lounging on the couch.

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Support the Doxie Party

As a supporter of the Doxie Party you’re supporting a party working to empower dachshunds everywhere.

The Doxie Party believes all Dachshunds:

  1. Have an obligation to bark at every doorbell and random noise like the roof was caving in.
  2. Shouldn’t have to ask for help to get on the couch, the bed, or any other furniture.
  3. Know that anything worth doing is worth a good sniffing before it’s done.
  4. Have a basic canine right to extra treats and a fair share of the cat’s food.
  5. Keeping the world safe from badgers is the #1 global security issue.

If you support these and many other worthy dachshund goals, then invest in a future run by dachshunds! Join the Doxie Party movement and vote for Dachshund this election!

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About the Author: Terri Osterfeld

I'm a certifiable dachshund fanatic and lover of anything that involves doxies. I have five — Rommel, Franzi, Montgomery, Hank, and Hercules — plus two German Shepherds, Noet and Sunna, who think they're dachshunds.
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