Monday Blues: You Can See it in Their Eyes

two dachshunds laying on a bed looking toward the camera

Hercules and Hank using the “sad eyes” look

I don’t know if my boys can tell what days of the week it is, but it certainly looks as if they sense all of the fun and adventure of the long holiday weekend is over.

My husband and I are up and around doing our usual Monday back-to-work stuff, which means no one is entertaining Hercules. I think I can see the dejectedness in his eyes.

Ol’ Hank, on the other hand, seems to be giving me a sad look that says “do you really have to go and leave me with this kid?”

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About the Author: Terri Osterfeld

I'm a certifiable dachshund fanatic and lover of anything that involves doxies. I have five — Rommel, Franzi, Montgomery, Hank, and Hercules — plus two German Shepherds, Noet and Sunna, who think they're dachshunds.
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