Rommel the Retriever Dachshund

A dachshund with a ball in a field of grass

Rommel and his favorite tennis ball

Dachshunds are famous for a lot of things — barking, digging, that adorable wiggly, waddle walk…

They are, however, not known for their retrieving abilities.

I didn’t know this when I got my first dachshund, Rommel. So, when Rommel at a very early age became obsessed with playing ball, I didn’t think much of it. We’d go to the park, I’d throw the ball, he’d chase it and bring it back.

When I got tired of throwing the ball, he’d pick it up and take it to other people, perfect strangers, throw the ball at their feet, look at them, and do a little start as to say “Throw it! Throw it!”

Usually, they threw it and he was off on the chase.

Ball time at the park was especially good when there was another dog — usually a much larger dog — to chase the ball with. That’s how I learned he was also faster than a Labrador Retriever (the Lab was surprised to learn this too).

Rommel kept his love of the ball chase until he was well into his teens. Even when he was much older and spent most of his time napping, he’d sleep with his ball next to him, his feet twitching like he was running in his dreams. When he passed in July of 2022 at the ripe old age of 20, Ball was with him.

No other dachshund in the pack has ever loved playing ball as much (or at all). While my arms were exhausted back then, I still kind of miss it.

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