706, 2013

Dachshund as a dentist?

June 7, 2013|

Dachshund 'Milo' is lion's best friend — and dentist Milo is an 11-pound dachshund and Bonedigger is a 500-pound lion. But that didn’t stop these two from becoming the best of friends.

406, 2013

Walmart to fill pet meds for cheap

June 4, 2013|

TAMPA - Chain store pharmacies have more than just people drugs on their shelves. Some retail giants now fill your cat or dog's prescription too. "Those compared to what you get at your veterinarian -- significantly less,” said Amy Stanley, Target Pharmacy Business Partner. Four bucks is what you'll pay for some, but not all, pet medication at Target. Publix offers some pet antibiotics for free. Other big box stores like Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart will fill pet prescriptions too. They are some of the same medications pharmacies stock for us, only in doggy doses, which is why dog owners [...]

2305, 2013

A Daschound turning 25 years old! WoW

May 23, 2013|

Rocky is the worlds oldest wiener dog He's still loves to play. What a lucky family to have him for so long. Enjoy the story.

1204, 2013

Toto was a Weinerdog!

April 12, 2013|

Did you know the part of Dorothy's pet dog in "The Wizard of Oz" was originally scripted for a dachshund named "Otto"?

803, 2013

Throwback Thursday Sweater

March 8, 2013|

Meet Ammo the Dachshund. He looks so cute and comfortable in his sweater.

202, 2013

Wake up and walk the dachshunds

February 2, 2013|Tags: , , , , |

The morning wake-up routine has switched from getting dressed and off to school to a good stretch and going potty outside Every morning the six of us (that’s me and the five dogs) have a routine. It’s actually not that different from a few years ago when it was kids instead of dogs. Back then it was chasing sleepy children out of bed, making lunches, finding shoes, and herding them into the car for school. Now it's chasing sleepy dachshunds out of bed, finding missing slippers, and herding the pack outside to its business. The routine begins with the German [...]

2501, 2013

Cooking with Dachshunds

January 25, 2013|Tags: , , |

It's Food Channel meets Animal Planet in a daily culinary adventure I don't how it is with your dachshunds, but cooking with mine is a life challenging event. After years of doing it, I'm pretty sure I could do that scene in Indiana Jones where he has to escape the Temple of Doom without being crushed, flayed, skewered or incinerated while juggling chainsaw with my eyes closed. My kitchen is fairly small and all three of my dachshunds -- as well as my two German shepherds -- insist on stationing themselves in it at meal preparation time. Given that the [...]

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